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Here I will compile a list of all of my projects.

Finished Projects

The Curse

A curse that slowly kills you forces you to kill others to stay alive. Choose who to kill. This is my last One Game a Month game of 2013! Become Cursed!


Manipulate gravity to bring balance to the universe! Support charities! Play Gravity!

Spacial Sprint

First player to reach the end of space wins the game! Use missiles to destroy your opponents, and hope that the next trap will not be your doom! Spacial Sprint is a board game I designed for One Game a Month. See the concept sketch.


In Flicker, you must use the darkness to navigate the dangerous world safely. See as much as you can as fast as you can. I made Flicker in 48 hours for the Utah Indie Game Jam. Make sure to play Flicker!

HINT: Shoot

HINT: Shoot was made for 7DFPS and #1GAM. You should play it when you can!


Flee is my seventh #1GAM game. You and a friend (first multiplayer game!) must navigate ever changing terrain and avoid getting left behind. Play Flee!


Vision is another #1GAM game about avoiding getting seen by evil drones. Take a look at Vision!


Stack was made for #1GAM. Stack is a physics game about moving blocks to safety. It's a ton of fun, so get Stack!


I made Tower for April's #1GAM. The story continues where Altar left off. Tower's main page.


March's #1GAM ended up being Altar, a game about Five Scrolls of Power and a dedicated orcish son. I used custom sounds and music as well as art from You should Check out Altar.

Side Step

Side Step is February's #1GAM. Check out the main page.


During February's #1GAM, McFunkyPants recommended we focus on sound and music, and possibly even do "#FAWM", February Album Writing Month. I ended up doing all of #FAWM, which was to make fourteen songs that were at least three minutes.

The result is my album called "Primus", which supposedly is Latin for "first" or beginning. You can check out the album on SoundCloud or download a version optimized for games. Primus is licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0.

Oh Ship!

Oh Ship! was a game I made for January's #1GAM. It ended up being quite a failure, but it's playable. Download the Linux build by clicking here. It requires SFML 2.0 to run.


Initio is my first completed game! It is a simple top down shooter. I posted it as a reply to Ludum Dare 24, which was to make $1 on a game that month. I made $0.50 so far, so I'm halfway there! You can go to this page to buy Initio!

In March 2013, I got first place in the Idaho TSA state competition for Initio!

In Development

Base Game Library

Base is the game library I've been creating. It's been used in Initio, Oh Ship!, SideStep, Altar, Tower, and Flee successfully. Base started as a layer over SFML 1.6 to make it easy for me to switch multimedia libraries. I was then able to use either SFML 2.0 or 1.6 without changing any of my game code!

My intention from the beginning was to have maximum multimedia library independence. Although the interface looks a lot like SFML 2.0's (which I love), it still has enough abstraction to make porting possible.

It has evolved to include collision, math, text parsing, animation, tile map, sound, and music modules and is turning out to be a really nice library!

I've designed Base to have a very simple, logical interface that is easy to learn. Although it may not ready for release, you can download it from the repository.

On Hold

"WoodenFoot" Game Library

Project WoodenFoot is a game engine that is based upon the structure given in Game Coding Complete (4th edition). It will run on Windows and Linux using SFML. You can look at the project code so far at SourceForge.