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The Attic

Welcome to the Attic! This is where I cache some of my game ideas as a queue for ideas to prototype. These are organized from newest to oldest. If you want to discuss any of the ideas with me (please do), my email is macoymadson [at] gmail [dot] com.



Path is a game about questioning everything you know and discovering the creative person inside you.

The player would start out the game on a simple red road with a single direction: Don't Leave the Path. All around the player is a dark and dreary city filled with unhappy people, all of them pleading with you to get off of the path. On the path are happy people pleading you to stay on the path. As the player walks down the path they find the temptation to leave increase as the happy people get more and more frightening, threatening you that you must stay on the path.

Eventually the player will take the plunge and leave the path, only to discover that everything was an illusion. The people still on the path are extremely unhappy and dangerous while the people off the path are happy and welcoming.

I'm not quite sure what happens after the player leaves the path. They have an infinite city to be creative in and make their mark. This segment of the game could be linked to the real world, so if a player sprays a building or something with graffiti that same mark is seen in all other instances of the game.

The moral of the game would be to be creative, question everything, and don't be afraid to take the path less travelled by.


This idea originated from my brother and I brainstorming surprising story plots. We eventually came upon the conclusion that a mind-blowing plot can be created by taking the player's assumptions and destroying them. This is one of those stories.

The player wakes up in a deserted space ship, held by a creature with no face that talks with thought. They are then unknowingly pulled into the protagonist's memories at a seemingly random point in past events leading up to their capture by the beast. These would be the main game play segments (which I have yet to discover what they would actually be like). These points in time would be all jumbled up, resulting in very confusing bits where the player is hugging a character in one memory and killing them in the next. Eventually the whole story comes together in a hopefully epic "Aha!" moment at the end of the game.

Eventually the goal of the beast emerges; it's looking for a specific detail from the protagonist's life that is critical to its survival. This could be the location of the closest intelligent life forms, the weakness in humans, or something as small as a pass code or the name of someone.

The beast realizes (nearing the end of the game) that the protagonist isn't letting out their secret any time soon, so it does something desperate: the simulation of reality. The protagonist doesn't know this and seems to escape the beast and hitches a ride with a passing space ship. The first thing the protagonist does is reveal the secret he tried so desperately to keep. Awoken by the creature's dreadful laughing, the protagonist then leaves this false reality with the horrifying realization of what he did. The beast exploited the protagonist's subconscious by tricking him to believe what he was seeing was real.

The credits then roll. I feel this idea has a lot of promise, but I've yet to come up with some unique game play to complement the plot.